Waste Audit

Keep Kimball Beautiful (KKB) is encouraging the citizens of Kimball County to take a look and see if there are more recyclables in your garbage! A Waste Audit is an exercise each household can do to find out what items from their waste stream can be recycled. The goal at the Kimball Recycle Center is to have 60 citizens submit a Waste Audit for data collection by the end of February. Can you help? Last time we did this in 2011 we were able to expand our operations to include other materials to recycle. It takes a bit of time, direction and some space to practice recycling as a household. KKB is reaching out and asking you to consider with purpose, what it would look like for your household to recycle and encourage everyone to utilize the recycling services we have available.

To do a Waste Audit, put all your trash into three separate trash bags for 5-7 days. In the first bag, place all paper products, cardboard, paperboard (except containers that hold liquids), white paper, newsprint and junk mail in one bag. In the second bag place all plastic, metal and electronic waste. Remember the WORST contaminant to recyclable materials is food so kindly rinse the containers. If you aren't willing to scrape out the peanut butter jars, throw them away. Place all organic scraps, bathroom waste, diapers, etc. in the third trash bag. Although organic scraps are compostable, combine them with the other 'dirty' trash to be weighed and considered as part of the household waste stream. The focus of this Waste Audit is to discover what can be recycled from what you are already throwing away in the Kimball Landfill.

After collecting your waste stream for 5-7 days, it is time to finish the Waste Audit and discover what can be recycled! The easiest way to do this is to allow the staff at Keep Kimball Beautiful to assist you. Consider making an appointment (308.235.3202) to drop your materials off and we will process the audit and send your personal Household Waste Audit results back to you. This is a data gathering method to assist both Keep Kimball Beautiful board members and staff to determine how to continue the recycling services we have in Kimball County, as well as share an easy way for your household to discover the recyclables you are throwing away.

If you are interested in taking on the Waste Audit discovery at home, please consider getting a copy of our "Best Practices for Recycling in Kimball County" brochure and ask for paper bags at the grocery store on your next visit for sorting. You will then discover how much of your waste stream is or is not recyclable. For example, there are 7 different kinds of plastics, each material usually has the traditional three arrow recycling triangle at the bottom of the container with a number inside. These numbers indicate what type of plastic the container is and only #1 and #2 plastics are accepted at the KRC. Discovering what can be recycled locally can vary from location to location and year to year. Keep Kimball Beautiful has the latest information about what is available to you as Kimball citizens and we are always willing to inquire about increased recycling opportunities. For information, to request "Best Practices" or submit your Waste Audit results contact Keep Kimball Beautiful at kkb@embarqmail.com

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