Paper Recycling

Paper is easy to recycle with a ready manufacturing market with mills throughout the United States and a multitude of uses for the paper pulp. Many paper fibers can be used up to 7 times before the structure denigrates, recycling and reusing the same material numerous times. Most of the steady stream of paper which flows into each home in America can be recycled. Paper makes up 38% of the materials recycled here at the KRC and if we include cardboard and paperboard 75% of the recycle stream is paper products.

Paper is added to our lives from a multitude of venues. Newspapers, catalogs, magazines, advertisements, personal and financial management papers are consistently flowing into our mail boxes six days a week. Community involvement and education bring a flow of paper to manage with agendas, flyers, assignments, projects and homework. Every time something is purchased we are also furnished with a receipt along with the packaging. Receipts can really pile up, but after reconciling with the bank or credit card statements are not necessary to keep. However, it is appropriate to keep receipts for large purchases such as appliances, electronics, furniture, household remodeling and repairs.

A household may have a low volume of paper collection over months of time, with a yearly disposal of accumulated paper after taxes are completed. Businesses may have immediate, daily, monthly, yearly and periodical need to discard of confidential information. Even in our digital age there are significant piles of paper to manage and dispose of throughout our lifetime.

Confidential documents tend to stack up due to the uncertainty of what is important to keep and some of the papers contain personal information. One important step you can take to ensure protection from identity theft is shredding confidential documentation both at home and at work. If you want to recycle your shredded paper, kindly bag to reduce the confetti parties. Keep Kimball Beautiful has a shredder at the Kimball Recycle Center for those who wish to shred and recycle their confidential documents for a nominal fee. Follow this outline for a document retention and destruction calendar, clear out the unnecessary and recycle your shredded confidential documents.

Yearly shred and recycle

After Seven Years

Keep as long as you own or is current

When recycling your paper at the Kimball Recycle Center kindly sort the white and office pack paper from the newsprint paper and keep the thick magazines and books separated. Most importantly please ensure the paper does not become contaminated with food or other chemicals. Paper towels and Kleenex (tissue) are NOT recyclable.

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